Hi, I'm Dr. Carol Taylor. I started my Life Coaching Journey by coaching myself out of a toxic relationship which motivated me to help other women do the same. Once I started coaching, however, I realized that there were too many struggling women entreprenuers so I decided to gather knowledge and pass it along to other women in business, and hence, Big Girl Panties On was born. I have used this business venture to help other women in business and am continuing to do that with BGP Presents our live coaching events and through my latest platform Live Coaching Now, an online platform designed to connect coaches and clients in on-demand sessions.


Big Girl Panties On

Started with a little bit of inspiration and a lot of sarcasm, Big Girl Panties On quickly turned from an online blogging venture to an online platform working to revolutionize the coaching industry.  From coaching women on relationships to coaching them in building the business and lifestyle of their dreams, empowering women on a grander scale is what we do.


We assist women entrepreneurs in reaching for the stars and to keep going until they attain EVERYTHING THEY WANT.  In addition to our coaching business programs and individual coaching sessions, we are in the process of launching an online coaching event series, an online coaching platform, and a women's business community.


We strive to provide the very best support and guidance to our clients and because of this, we get real results.


Want to be one of the top women in the industry? Let’s talk!