10 Things You're Doing That Hold You Back From Success

So many times in life, we blame people and circumstances for why we don't succeed. You know...I would have but "he...she...they did x,y,z, and while there are things in our lives that are completely out of our control, we also need to focus on those things that we can control and how we deal with the things that we can't control.

You see our power lies within the things we CAN control, and many times, we get so focused on the reasons we can't do something, we instead start explaining all the reasons we can't.

After a while, we even start believing our own excuses. "You know I was starting my own business but my family needs me" and "I just can't afford to start right now" or "I'm just waiting until the market improves, the kids move out, and things are more stable."

Sound familiar? If you haven't said these things yourself, you have probably heard them come out of the mouths of family members, colleagues, and friends. One thing is for certain, we all hold onto some level of self-doubt, some imposter syndrome, and some fear of success or failure.

Where are we going wrong? Well, it all begins with the lies we tell ourselves. The following are the 12 things that I help women just like you overcome...and yes ladies, most of the problems lie in your mindset. Take a look and see if any of these ring true for you:

  1. You're Waiting For The Perfect Time To Start

This is a common stopping point for people about to start a new business venture or take a career leap. First off, there is absolutely no "perfect time" so if you're waiting for it, you may wish to just simply can the idea of ever starting. Mostly, this is just your fear, stepping in and telling you you would do it BUT...and that big but is what is really in your way.

2. You're Asking Yourself The Wrong Questions

What are the wrong questions? They are the questions that offer you an out vs. the questions about how can I do this. Example: "Do I have enough money/time/experience to do this?" vs. "How can I make this happen?" or "What do I need to get this off the ground?". Be sure to word your questions in a positive flow and you will find that you have more energy and drive than ever before.

3. You're Comparing Yourself To Everyone Else

Everyone else always seems to have it more together than we do...right? Many times we talk ourselves out of things by comparing our business model, our social media engagement, and our message to everyone else's. It is easy to think of others as more powerful because we don't see all the mistakes and broken parts that they have. For ourselves, we have an internal view. We see every raw spot and every ding in our iron because we are seeing ourselves under the microscope. Knowing where to look for your flaws makes them more obvious to you. Just realize that everyone else has self-doubt too, but don't use them as an excuse to retreat. You are just as powerful and capable as anyone else in this world. Go forth and claim your power and success will be yours!

4. You're Waiting For Permission From Others

You want everyone to support your goals. You use their lack of approval or support as an excuse not to move forward. Listening to others that don't have your vision can really hold you back from doing what is in your heart and soul. Entrepreneurship isn't easy, especially if you wear many hats, but creating life on your terms is the most rewarding experience you will ever have.

5. You Expect Instant Results

I'm not sure if this is because we live in such a fast-paced get-it-now environment or simply because we are impatient and want results immediately. Too many solopreneurs, put something up and immediately expect results. Time and time again I see this. They post something wait 10 minutes and wonder why they don't have 5 new clients or customers. Building a business, whether online or brick-and-mortar, takes time. Online marketing requires consistency and brand building. Keep walking with it and stay consistent and you will get there.

6. You Take On Too Much

Too many business owners start out like gangbusters and think that they can help everyone or that they should offer products and services to meet a wide variety of needs. This is actually counterproductive. The more you offer, the more muddied and confused your marketing message becomes, and the less likely you are to get sales. I call this throwing spaghetti at the wall. Sure, even this method will work some of the time, but doing less and being more focused will get you better results more quickly.

7. Imposter Syndrome Gets The Best Of You

Who am I to teach? To tell others what to do? We ALL have experience and knowledge that others can benefit from. This doesn't mean we are better than others, it just means we have knowledge in a particular area that others may not have. Whatever we know, we typically feel that others should know also. So many times, however, what is commonplace knowledge for us is something that others wish they knew. Your expertise and talents matched with persistence can really take that business idea to the next whatever you do, just don't stop!

8. You Don't Take Action Or Don't Take Consistent Action

Action is truly key to success, but so is consistent action. You can go much farther by being consistent with your email marketing, social media posting, and online presence. You can be brilliant but if you're not showing up consistently and being seen, you won't get traffic to your website and get customers and/or clients for your business. Visibility is key and online consistency and regular posting on platforms, along with polarizing, engaging content, will help you to increase your analytics and get noticed.

9. You Lack Flexibility

Flexibility is not bending on your principles, morals, or being swayed by the next biggest thing. Flexibility means being willing to pivot when things are not working for you. Sometimes, for instance, you may have a marketing idea that falls flat. At that moment, you may be tempted to quit. But here's the thing, sometimes it is just giving things a little tweak that can make all the difference. Be sure to do your market research, ask others what they think (not everyone but the ones that matter - like your customers), and be willing to change things up a little. You may only be one tweak way from an up-level.

10. You Try To Do It Alone

Working alone can be helpful at times, but we don't know what we don't know. Immersion in a community of like-minded business people can really help you grow your business to the next level. Other people will help you stay up to date on the newest and best new resources, methods, and tools that many times you aren't even aware of. Plus, it is helpful to have others who will lift you up and pull you out of the weeds when things get tough. Don't try to do it alone...gain support through Networking Communities.

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