5 Things You Can Do To Change Your Future

Life can be discouraging. It can cause you to doubt yourself and others. You can very easily become weighed down by the concerns of life without a true understanding of how the world works.

What you focus on does grow. And while people will argue for their limitations on this, it is a fact. Even in the midst of everything you are going through…what is going right? How are you focusing your mind on this dark night of the soul that you are going through? The truth is, it can be quite difficult to focus on the sun when you are going through a storm, but there has never been a more important time to do it than when you are in crisis. Changing your mind and focus can truly change everything around you and give you new hope. Hope can help you ease past the obstacles and come out the other side.

How many times have you been down and out? And how many times have you overcome those circumstances? So what makes you think that you can’t turn those lemons into lemonade today. The ONLY thing stopping you from turning this into a learning/growing experience is you judging it as bad. EVERYTHING comes to us with purpose and how we use it can change everything in our world. I know…I have done it many times and if you give yourself enough credit, so have you. When the chips are down, that is when we really become creative…when we listen to our inner voice and follow the yellow brick road. There is so much to be learned from every experience in life…don’t judge it…use it!! Lift yourself up and move on.

The following things can help you move in a more positive direction:

  1. Don’t Stop. Sometimes when you are going through something you just want to lay down and not move. Movement is the most important thing…you must keep moving. Freezing up and waiting for things to solve themselves won’t happen. Follow your inner direction and you will be guided to the next step and the next.

  2. Be Quiet. Spending a little time quiet whether that is meditating or going for a walk by yourself, you need some quiet time to allow yourself to be guided to what you need next. If you are constantly surrounded by noise, tv, people, news, etc you will have to fight a lot harder to find your next step. Quiet time allows you to reconnect with your inner being which allows you the guidance you need in difficult times.

  3. Gratitude. The practice of gratitude is by far one of the most important things you can do to focus your mind in a better direction. Life can become overwhelming. Bills pile up, people put demands on your time, crises occur that need to be managed, and while you are busy handling all the problems in your life, you are looking away from all the good things in life. At first, it may feel overwhelming to find something good in life. Start with small things. Maybe it’s that morning cup of coffee. Perhaps it’s your home, your car, your job, that flower blooming in the yard. Focus on it. Write it down. Take a picture and put it as the screen saver on your phone. Do whatever you can to focus on that item all day long. And don’t just say Thank you for it, but truly appreciate why you appreciate that particular item. If you start doing this daily you will notice that you gradually will find more and more things to be grateful for.

  4. Focus on the Road Ahead. It is important not to live in the past. One reason why we get stuck in our heads is simply that we want to spend all day every day beating ourselves up for the mistakes of the past. What’s done, is done. We can’t undo it and no amount of feeling bad will change what has happened. It is water under the bridge. Learn from it and move forward. Look at where you are going and see if the things you are doing today are leading you to that place. If not, revise what you are doing today to align with your future self. There is no time like the present to make changes in your future.

  5. Positive Influences. What you surround yourself with will also help shape your reality. If you are constantly around a person who is abusive or talks negatively about you or the world, this can be a difficult thing to overcome. Do what you can to surround yourself with only positive influences, as much as possible. Read positive books, watch positive shows, and listen to positive things. Make a good playlist of uplifting songs that you love and put on headphones as you do your chores. Use your drive time to stream positive YouTube speakers and podcasts. There are so many ways to lift yourself up every day. You should definitely take full advantage of all those free resources online. Headphones can allow you to block out the negativity of other people, what they are saying, little digs and comments, and also the things they may be watching or listening to. This is a great survival skill for those who are in a toxic environment and unable to separate from it but who need to get their heads together to make their next move. I know first hand because this is a survival skill I used.

Getting your head clear is the first step in obtaining the life you desire. These 5 steps can get you moving in the right direction. What you focus on grows so take it seriously, you are in the process of creating your future right now. If you want it to be different then the past, then please take steps now to move in a different direction.

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