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It is so easy to downplay our own needs…

Our wants and desires are on the back burner for another day and time.

And we convince ourselves we are doing it for everyone else.

We are being less than we are, so they can be more…

To make them feel more powerful?

To put their needs first?


You are only playing small for one person…

That person is you.

To become all that you are is scary.

People will then expect things of you.

Right now you can still hide.

Pretend you are nothing.

Isn’t that what they wanted you to do as a child?

To go cry in your room?

To pretend like everything was FINE…

Even when it was ANYTHING BUT?

I lived that reality for wayyy too many years.

Pretending that I was nothing.

Dimming my light so that others could shine.

And in the process I overcame so much that was designed to take me down.

Kicked ass and took numbers.

But all from my place in the shadows.

Still never taking credit for all that I am.

For all that I accomplished.

I am here to tell you.

You can overcome that shit you are dealing with…

You can do that thing you’ve been dreaming about.

You can step up to the plate and hit it clearly over the fence…

YES, the very first time you’re up at bat.

Sure, I know it’s scary.

But I also know that you are super powerful.

More than capable.

You’re just afraid to show off.

Don’t wanna make a spectacle of yourself, do you?

Well, I’m here to tell you that life is too damn short to do anything but…

IT’S YOUR TIME…Right now.

Not tomorrow…not next week.

Right this very second.

And if you don’t do it now…

Then when?

Take a chance on you.

You take chances on others all the time.

You encourage them to live their dreams…

So now it’s your turn.

Hold your breath and do something totally unexpected.

Take that leap of faith.

Very likely it will put you in a whole different place.

And if not, well what do you have to lose?

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